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Mass Effect 3 Mods Miranda




I imagine many of us would be very grateful for that, even if you could not use her abilities, and even if you needed that Normandy for some reason. "and even if you needed that Normandy for some reason." - In a way I do, it's a support ship and I would not want to leave her behind. What's the difference between Canon and MW? Anything written in blue is a fanon deviation from the games. Anything written in purple is a real quote from an official source. Anything written in yellow is a the best interpretation of an official quote. Anything written in red is a fanon original idea. Anything written in green is a red text edit. Anything written in gray is a quote by me. In the Encyclopedia Galactica it says that the SR.1 was destroyed during the Cylon attack at the Cylon rebellion in New Caprica. So she survived the entire Cylon attack. That's got to be it. I think they probably decided that the SR-1 would be the best known ship and made it the flagship for the rebellion to emphasise that. Or they didn't believe the SR-1 would be destroyed during the Cylon attack and so never finished the encyclopedia chapter.Q: Why would you use a view in "insert-mode-default-visual-block-mode"? The documentation for insert-mode-default-visual-block-mode says: If non-nil, the current buffer will use an outline-mode mode for visual blocks instead of the default (most of the time, the left margin). Why would you use a mode for visual blocks? Wouldn't it be easier to just use text-mode-default? A: I don't know. Maybe they think that mode has a specific color scheme that makes it more clear? Or that mode has a special font? Or it just sounds fancy. But the basic reason is simple. Using text-mode-default is easy to set, easy to customize, and doesn't matter much to the most of us. I think it would be interesting to make a new major mode for it, just to experiment with what it looks like, but that doesn't happen often enough that it should be on by default. Since the only



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Mass Effect 3 Mods Miranda

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